Month: March 2009

YUIZilla Compressor

After again spending time to fix issues resulting from a collision of the yuicompressor jar and the normal rhino jar in one of my projects, I came up with a more radical solution:

  1. Download the source codes from yuicompressor and the corresponding rhino release
  2. Replace every occurance of “mozilla” with “yuizilla”
  3. PROFIT!

 So now I have a version of the yuicompressor that works fine and does not conflict with the rhino version I also have in my project. And I don’t need any stupid jar class loaders or have to write stdin/stdout handling for some terribly slow external yuicompressor process. I can just use the classes


and be done with it. Hurray for fast dynamic server-side script and style compression!

Hybrid XML-Annotation-based Controllers in Spring

When talking to people about the Spring MVC, it became increasingly clear to me that many are thrilled by the possibilities of using annotation based controllers but are somewhat put off by auto discovery / auto-injecting.

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to combine the power of annotation-based MVC Controller (extremely flexible controller methods, flexible binding and validation) and the advantages of  externally declared beans: You continue to use the @Controller annotation, but you don’t use a <context:component-scan/> directive.


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