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This blog has been relatively stale for a while now — mostly due to increasing work pressure and the limited amount of time I had left for it. What little time I had was mostly wasted on coding on it. The previous version was written in turbogears which seemd like a good idea back in 2006. Over time I kind of regretted that decision, which was not really Turbogears fault, but just caused by my laziness to really update it etc.

I’ve been frustrated with the old blog code and the old design for some time now and wanted to redo everything and already started multiple attempts in various technological reincarnations — the latest being an implementation in java/spring using my jcouchdb library. The design got more and more ambitious over time; so ambitious that it would basically require me to work full-time on it. Continue reading

Comments, again

Seems like I fucked up the anonymous reply function somehow which always led to an (invisible) form validation error. My apology to all the people who tried to comment and couldn’t. I would restore the comments but my logs only show that people tried to comment and not what they wote.

Comments and SPAM

I did some work on the blog code so that you can now comment on posts without registering a user before.

At first I tried allowing comments with only a user name and an email address, but faced SPAM comments very soon. Since I’m not really convinced that you are interested in ring tones, I also added some calculatory CAPTCHA test which will hopefully solve that issue ( You are allowed to cheat and use a calculator 😉 

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