OpenSAGA LogoThe release date is getting closer and closer and there’s still so much to do! We’re very busy working on releasing the best version of OpenSAGA we possibly can in the remaining time. We have enough story tickets for versions 1.1 to 2.0 and even more ideas of what could be possible with it.

But let me come to the main topic of this post: OpenSAGA in an international / non-German context. There often seems to be a misunderstanding about the usefulness of OpenSAGA outside of Germany. While the name-giving SAGA standard is primarily targeted at German eGovernment applications on the federal level and in some states, there’s nothing specific German about it on a technological level. Ignoring the specific German legal and administrative issues, the SAGA standard can also be seen as collection of best practices for IT projects in general. OpenSAGA contains a very flexible internationalization system grown out of our long experience in creating portal applications for the whole range of small and medium enterprises to big multi-national companies.

The accessibility features in OpenSAGA are designed to account for both the German BITV standard and WCAG 2.0 — again nothing specific German about it. OpenSAGA might in fact be better suited for your needs than other established technologies as the model driven approach often dramatically simplify what can be really bothersome with other approaches.

The reference manual and Javadoc comments are written in English to enable to largest amount of people to work with it.

So if you’re interested in model-driven J2EE application development go to and take a look at our framework, no matter where you are. And if something is missing, don’t hesitate to contact us about it — we’re open. 1.0 is only the beginning.

See you in May 😉