For some reason I have mostly documented my digital painting and old ink work here. Most likely because I wanted to document the bursts of Inktober related drawings while the watercolor paintings lack both such bursts but also an easy to grasp arc, interpunction in the flow of art.

I really should keep this more up to date. I always look back and there’s so many stuff I might have posted here and there on twitter and some chat channels but without leaving really any trace but for the selected few people that get entry to my makeshift studio and see all crap, mostly non-digital now.

Anyway, here are some recent things that seem not all bad at the current point in time.

Landscape and other paintings

Landscapes and cats, mostly 😄. The CC-based paintings are based off creative-commons licensed photos.

Made on request

Paintings I made for either /r/redditgetsdrawn/ or /r/characterdrawing/.


Some pretty dark and somewhat personal inks. I’m kinda torn about such things. On one hand it’s really private and I don’t really want to talk about it beyond this artistic/symbolic expression, but not surprisingly, they also feel like very strong pieces.