Recently watched a youtube video about the Blender boolean workflow.

Even though I got the Boxcutter and HardOps addons, they’re basically just a fancier and more user-friendly repackaging of the boolean operation workflow in Blender without those addons. So I thought there might be value in understand the normal one better.

But that’s not the topic here. While he was explaining things, he mentioned that he made a keyboard shortcut for an option that I always found more attractive than the comparable alternatives.

If you click “Wireframe” under “Viewport Display” in the Object properties tab, you get the same render mode as before, but with a wireframe of the object on top.

In find this option much more attractive than just enabling Wireframe for all objects. You can fine control which objects you want to see and don’t suddenly have a huge mess of lines from all the objects.

Most often, I just want to check two meshes against each other.

Image showing the location of the wireframe option within the Blender UI

However, that option there is no Blender operation, so you can’t define a keyboard shortcut for it :\

However, after some googling I found that it is easy to write your own addon to add such an operation with a default key binding and all.

Install Addon

To install the addon, download and save the python file below and then click “Install…” in the Blender preferences under “Add-ons” and select the file to install it.

Image showing the location of the "Install..." button within the Blender Preferences


With the addon installed, you can select one or multiple objects in the object mode and press Alt + Shift + J to toggle the wireframe display for all selected objects individually.

If you don’t like the default shortcut, you can change it in the Blender preferences under “Keymap”.