ff javascript library update to 1.11

The ff javascript library is now available in the version 1.11 which is a small maintainance update to version 1.1

Changes are:

  • introduced ff.extend
  • made ff.dom functions ignore null arguments and handle the tabindex attribute correctly in Internet Explorer

See the documentation for the ff.extend.


ff javascript library 1.1 released

After some more work on it, I am proud to announce the version 1.1 of the ff javascript library. It includes various bug-fixes ( ff.dom.append , various Internet Explorer compatibility fixes especially in the DOM builder) and some more functions in ff.dom and ff.style. The ffjs documentation moved to a new location. It includes a lot more documentation and 2 examples. I may add some more examples in the future. 

ff javascript library documentation

The project documentation has been moved.

ff javascript library

The project documentation has been moved.

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