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Inktober 2022

This year I felt like I could do an Inktober again. Life got in the way pretty badly and for a while I felt like doing Inktober was too much, but in the end it felt like it rather helped. In the end I ended up doing 21 of the 31 prompts.

“Day 15: Armadillo” and “Day 27: Snack” totally did not come out as intended. But by my extended Inktober rules, I just left them as-is. Redoing stuff when you’re on a daily schedule is just too much.

The others I think are all pretty good and also show a progression in drawing and composition skills compared to earlier years.

Inktober 2018

After having had a phase of acrylic painting for a while, I have joined Inktober 2018.  Started a bit late, had some weak days at the end, but all in all I had a real good time trying out ink and other techniques.

At first I really like the simplicity of simple ink pens, but over time the limitations in line width etc just became more important to me. In the end I started drawing with dipping pens which I had avoided for so long. The cleaning is a bit annoying but I really got into working with the ink nibs.

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