Majority of german welfare recipients wouldn’t move for a job

no english translation yet



  1. Nice writing style. I look forward to reading more in the future.

  2. Prompts a few questions…

    How many of them could afford to move even if it did result in employment?
    How secure would that employment be once they’d made the move?

    My understanding of the German labour market is sketchy, but hasn’t there been a huge change away from permanent positions, to a system of short, not necessarily renewing contracts? That seems like it would make people wary of moving away from their current ‘support network’ (family, friends, neighbours, etc) as they’d be forced to start from nothing in a new location…

  3. @Jon

    Yes, that’s what I said in teh german version of this article. Wonder if it would make sense after all to translate it.

    You get temp contracts until the maximum amount of time is reached which is currently 2 years (CDU/CSU wanted to make this even longer).

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